Occupay—Find Your Rental Houses Online


  • Mittapally Akshay
  • Varre Naveen
  • Kyatham Sumith Reddy


In big cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai, finding a rental house is a tedious and hectic task. It is even more troublesome if the person looking for a rental house is new to the city. The best way to solve this problem is by providing a platform where the user can find all the rental houses available in a particular locality and choose the best from those available according to his or her necessities. The major goal is to develop a website that benefits both the owner and the tenant. This website would help the tenant filter houses based on cost, location, and many other factors. The owners can also benefit as advertising attracts lots of customers, and they can find the best deal. There are three distinct user types. One of them is the website’s administrator. The second user is someone who is in search of a rental house, and the third user is the person who owns the rental house. This website allows users to filter houses based on location, cost, etc. It also provides features like paying monthly rents, viewing the tenant details, and sending complaints to the owner regarding any issues, and adding houses to wish lists. If the user wants to vacate the house, then he/she has an option to choose the date he/she is going to vacate so that the website starts advertising the house and also the date the house will be vacant again so that other users can check in allowing the owners to no longer worry about finding tenants.



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