COVID-19 Detection through Deep Learning Models using Chest X-ray


  • Taresh Yadav Dhake
  • Ruchita Ravindra Gujar
  • Samiksha Jagannath Shelke
  • Mrs. Maahi Khemchandani


Detection of COVID-19 in a minimum amount of time is one of the biggest challenges in front of us because COVID-19 is a rapidly spreading disease. Patients are increasing in a rapid amount of time. Hence, we proposed an AI-technique based deep-convolutional neural network to detect COVID-19 patients using real-world data. In our proposed system, chest X-ray images are used to find out COVID- 19 patients. X-rays are available very quickly without the high cost. Our proposed system will predict that whether a person is affected by COVID-19. We are going to use a deep learning technique called deep convolutional neural network to predict the chances of a person who can suffer from COVID-19. This system can be favorable in most affected cities, to get more than 90% accurate prediction. This system can help in remote locations also like the coastal areas where there will be no need to take medical samples from each patient and waiting for slow, expensive lab reports to come back. A simpler, faster, and cheaper test would be useful in gathering data on a larger scale.