Smart Agriculture System Using IOT and Image Processing


  • Pravin Attarkar
  • Saurabh Firke
  • Raj Patil
  • Aditya Varadkar
  • Ninad More


This study presents a new method for identifying and classifying leaf diseases and soil moisture levels. The particular type of leaf disease that affects a plant’s leaf is difficult to distinguish with human eyes. As a result, in order to accurately diagnose leaf diseases, the application of the proposed study attempts to use plant leaf image processing to diagnose illness. India is the global leader in agriculture, and a wide variety of crops are grown here. Agriculture makes up a large portion of the Indian economy, and while there are numerous factors that can affect the quality and quantity of agricultural products, one of them is climate change, which can lead to disease and, ultimately, a decline in both. The purpose of this project is to improve our irrigation system by automating and intelligently controlling it. This project’s main purpose is to use a microcontroller to measure the moisture of agricultural soils in real time and reduce the amount of human labour required by the farmer. The sensor detects the moisture content.