Automatic Temperature Screening System Preventing from COVID-19


  • Tausif Khan
  • Altamash Qureshi


Covid-19, LED, IR Sensor, LCD Display, Temperature Screening


In the midst of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease) pandemic, the most important preventive measure for good health and hygiene is to wash our hands and sanitise them with alcohol sanitizers. IoT-enabled Automated Temperature Screening is a technique that monitors body temperature using a machine learning model. The proposed model can be applied to any shopping mall, hotel, or apartment entrance, for example. As a result, a cost-effective and dependable method of using AI and sensors to create a healthy environment was developed that can be used when the pandemic period is on and gets over. Nowadays, in shopping malls, offices, restaurants, cafes, industries etc., the security guards check each and every individual person’s temperature before allowing them to enter. After the scanning process is completed, the temperature will be displayed on the LCD if any person has a temperature that is higher than the normal body temperature that would not be allowed to enter, hence, can also be taken as preventive measure.