Blockchain Application in Civil Aviation and Defense


  • Sohan U.R.
  • Mohammed Rafi


Blockchain, aviation industry, defense industry, cloud computing, healthcare


The emerging technology of Blockchain holds great promise in providing decentralized trust, data security, transparency, traceability, visibility, and auditability across several domains in the aerospace and defense sectors. This survey explores the potential for leveraging Blockchain's features, platforms, and architectures to transform modern aerospace and defense ecosystems and applications. Additionally, it examines complementary architectural technologies like Oracles, IPFS, and Filecoin that can augment Blockchain's capabilities. The survey also discusses the key roles and opportunities that Blockchain can play in aerospace and military applications. We look at a number of use scenarios, including managing combat operations, border security, logistics, and supply chain management, as well as swarm support for rescue operations, to explore the possibilities for Blockchain in the aerospace and defense industries. Furthermore, we assess the suitability of existing Blockchain platforms for aerospace and defense applications. Additionally, we point out unresolved problems and obstacles that could hinder the extensive utilization of Blockchain technology in the aerospace and defense fields. These issues consist of delays in processing, apprehensions about maintaining data confidentiality, adherence to regulations, managing large volumes of data traffic, ensuring the safety of smart contracts, and promoting compatibility among various systems.



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Sohan U.R. and M. . Rafi, “Blockchain Application in Civil Aviation and Defense”, JoSETTT, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 36–41, Mar. 2023.