A New Potential on b-Rectangular Metric Spaces


  • Umashankar Singh
  • Naval Singh
  • Paresh Rakhe
  • Renu Kushwah
  • Narender Kumar


Fixed Point, common fixed point, b-rectangular metric space, almost contraction


As a generalization of rectangular metric space and b-metric space, the idea of b-rectangular metric space is introduced. An effort of this article is to identify some common fixed-point results in brectangular metric space for generalized almost contraction of two mapping. The obtained results expand and generalize some previously published data in the literature, and we provide some examples. In the line of present works as obtain results in this paper one may extend different types of metric spaces such as probabilistic metric space, quasi metric space, quasi semi metric space, partial metric space, cone metric space under the flavor of rational conditions. This may be regarded an active area of research to the future workers in the different branches.