Evolutionary Perspective for Developing Beyond Abacus


  • Ghindani Krrish
  • Snehal Moghe


Beyond abacus, revolution, digital teachers, guaranteed improvement in maths, training, diagnosis, higher order thinking skills


Currently, all over the world, teaching math means calculations, crunching numbers mentally, and solving huge number equations in the least time, and not. This research is based on bringing about a change in mathematics education by challenging the existing model of mathematics where being good at calculation or computation is treated as being good at math. In other words, mathematics is currently treated as merely a computational tool. We propose to treat math as a science of appreciating, creating, and recognizing patterns in environment/nature, sciences, business and day-to-day life, and all other endeavors and going beyond the abacus to make math a living subject. It aspires to be established as a full-fledged industry to make math teaching and learning more active and interesting today and in the future through a diverse range of courses, services, and assistance provided for various math skill sets.