A Securing Infrastructure Against Signature-based Assaults Using Karnaugh Detection Systems


  • Syeda Wajiha Zahra Student, Department of Computing, Abasyn University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Nadeem Lecturer, Department of Computing, Alhamd Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Ali Arshad Lecturer, Department of Computing, National University of Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Saman Riaz Lecturer, Department of Computing, National University of Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan


Malware Analysis, Cloud Attacks, cloud malware detection, Attacks, Karnaugh Map, signature attacks, Cloud servers


Cloud computing is one of the efficient business models for offering customers online services. Approximately 81% of businesses worldwide rely on the cloud; however, one of the most pressing issues is cloud security. Malware of several kinds can cause havoc in the clouds. Attacks on the cloud might come from both the inside and the outside. The signature attacks that can occur from outside the cloud server will be the main topic of this study. Brute Force and Signature-Threats are the two outside attacks that attack cloud servers the most. Numerous procedures can stop brute force assaults, but few solutions can detect signature attacks from the network. In this study, to secure data from attacks, a secure architecture will be created, and externally signature-based attacks will be done on the cloud server. The development of an effective method to identify signature attacks coming from outside the cloud is structured. The performance of the mechanism will then be determined using the various keys implemented on a Karnaugh Map, and the tool's effectiveness will then be assessed.


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