Identifying a Unique Color Using Image Processing


  • Sahana S. Khamitkar
  • Chaitra K.G.


Python, RGB, machine learning, K-means


This work describes a method for detecting colors in a three-dimensional image utilizing a color threshold-holding technique implemented in Python and to detect user selected color in an image RGB color module is used. Conversion of three-dimensional RGB picture format to BGR image format is one of the methods used to identify color in data. Since we are using Python, it should be converted to BGR image format. Detecting connected regions in binary digital images utilizing connected components labelling and computing the metrics of each labelled region using bounding box and its attributes. Furthermore, the RGB values for each pixel in the image are analysed to
determine the color of the pixels. Machine learning and image processing are used to implement the k-means technique. The outputs of this implementation can be applied in areas such as determining the color of a leaf, fruits, or vegetables to determine the maturity phase of the object in question, object segmentation based on color, and intrusion detection.