Healthcare Assistant Using NLP (Medibot)


  • Sourav R. Patil
  • Gaurav G. Pore
  • Shivam S. Lahane


As we all know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a global pandemic. There is a lot of pressure on the healthcare system and managing the flow of the large number of cases has been one of the biggest issues for hospitals or healthcare professionals. Mainly in the rural or remote areas, where it is becoming very much difficult or unable to consult a doctor or a medical specialist person when the immediate hit of the epidemic has occurred and the infected needs and immediate attention. Thus, it becomes obvious that any help to the health care system will give relief as well as release pressure on them. This study presents the design of a different Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot for the purpose of evaluation and recommending better relief measures when patients need medical help or want to track their health-status for a certain or a specific period of time. This work describes the building of a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for diagnosing individuals who have been exposed to COV-19 and advising quick action. Additionally, a virtual assistant can communicate with registered doctors as symptoms worsen and measure the infection's severity. Also, at the end of the specific period he/she can have a report on his/her medical track for that duration.