Voice Assistant Based On AI


  • Charu Agrawal
  • Megha Gupta


Voice control is a significant emerging element that is revolutionizing how people can live. The voice assistant is frequently utilized in laptops and cellphones. AI-based Operating systems with built-in voices that can detect human speech are known as voice assistants. The voice assistant will collect sounds from the microphone, translate it to text, and send it over GTTS (Google text to speech). The English-language audio file created by the GTTS engine will be played using the play sound module of the Python computer language. This research paper is to know how actually Voice Assistant works in a background and can one make a Voice Assistant by their own by using different python libraries and tried to develop a better interactive version of a Voice Assistant. In this work, we created a conceptual model that includes a new system quality component, namely interaction quality, that we believe may better represent the adoption of AI-based technologies. To validate our model, we used voice assistant system (VAS) technology as an example and evaluated a theory-based model with data from a field survey.