Voice Notepad By Using Native File System Api And Web Speech Api In Javascript For Smart Healthcare Services


  • Joga Parmeshwara Rao
  • Deepthi Rapaka
  • Ch Venkatesh
  • Sirisha Potluri


Notepad, Healthcare records, voice typing, speech to text, Patient healthcare notes, JavaScript


The gradual increase in the population of the world and simultaneously increase in the number of diseases has made many new pieces of research in the healthcare industry focus on efficiency and quality of treatment. Now people are demanding intelligent healthcare services, applications, and devices. Maintaining patient health data and medicines is a time-consuming activity that must be updated on a daily basis. Voice based Notepad is a simple text editor. And it is superb for writing comparatively short text documents. In today's digital age, everyone uses technology instead of traditional books and pens, and notepads have become well-liked for storing information. As it works on the principle of voice to text, so it will ease the process and save time. This software can also be used from either the doctor's or the patient's perspectives. Patients could use this application to note the doctor's prescription. JavaScript is used to develop this application as it allows us to add dynamic behaviour and event handling.