Study of Data Science in Online Behavioral Advertising


  • Neha Sureshchandra Maurya Research Scholar, Master’s in Information Technology, Mahadev Laxman Dahanukar College of Commerce (affiliated to Mumbai University), Maharashtra, India


Data science, advertisement, online behavioural advertisement, process model, marketing, behavioural targeting


The proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a growing significance of social media in people's lives. Online activity in the digital domain has expanded considerably, showing a higher reliance on social media platforms for communication in both personal and professional situations. Coronavirus has a global impact on e-commerce and hence transformed the nature of business. Despite the COVID-19 issue and economic slowdown, the Indian e-commerce industry exhibited an upward trend after the lockdown, registering a 17% increase in the order volume as of June 2020, when compared to the pre-lockdown period, which continues after the postlockdown period as well.As a result, advertisers took the time to rethink their methods in order to develop the perfect commercials and reassess who their target audience was. The outbreak proved to be the ideal time for this, given how markets and algorithms are constantly shifting, particularly while individuals are stuckat home.Companies began looking for ways to attract buyers for their products utilizing data science methodologies in order to enhance their revenue. We are consolidating our results on how advertisers use data science methodology to acquire customers and the influence on them.


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