3D Architectural Model using Augmented Reality


  • Amit Arvind Bobade
  • Pratiksha Rajesh Dabhade
  • Praveen Shinde
  • Pranav Devji Dhamne


3D architectural, 2D architectural, augmented reality, multimedia development life Cycle (MLCT), augmented reality interior design (ARID)


3D architectural model using augmented reality is designed for the architectural purpose. The objective of this model is to convert two-dimensional architectural floor plans into three-dimensional models using augmented reality (AR), which provide the user with interactive and enhanced virtual experience for better understanding of the floor plan. It also eases the work of the architects, and the architects find it easier to explain or give a presentation to the client or the customer by using the AR application, as the application is very user-friendly and easy to understand. With the help of the AR application, the customer gets the whole idea of the room or the house.

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