Modern Day Social Media Issues and Their Solutions


  • Dev Sharma
  • Ankit Verma
  • Ankur Singh Rawat
  • Ashish Kumar
  • Aman Singhal


Today, over 3.96 billion people use various social media apps. With these huge numbers, come huge responsibilities. Social media today is not just a medium of interaction, but it is seen as a tool. A tool for spreading information about various political events, social movements, crimes, technologies, and what not. The sad part about this is that most of the information is unverified and comes from an unknown source. With masses sharing huge information, sometimes it can lead to misinformation, fake news, rumors, etc. The spread of rumors and misinformation is one of the biggest problems with social media apps right now. In this study, we have discussed various ways and methods to overcome this issue. To find solutions to the prevailing hate speech on social media, this study examines the scope and nature of the problem of hate speech on social media today, using a blogging web application as an example. An analysis of the justification for and against controlling hate speech online is then put forward, along with a review of current US hate speech and internet regulations and relevant acts. The methodologies proposed by other lawful and correspondence researchers concerning whether and how to restrict disdain discourse online are analyzed and assessed. Finally, an answer that tries to limit disdain discourse via web-based media web stages, while as yet liking the assurances set up by the first amendment, is proposed. Further, we have demonstrated how stopping the spread of misinformation and fake news on such platforms can save thousands of lives and can improve the future of social media; since social media is the necessity of the future.

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