Technological Development in Education through Online Learning


  • G. Anandhi


Robotics, Machine Learning, AI, IOT, Zoom, Teams, Skype, Learning Management System, Evopry.


Online education has become familiar nowadays in many countries as well as in India also. Training institutes in India are the pioneers of this system. By following their steps many colleges and universities have also adopted this system. Leaning methods constantly keep changing from generation to generation which proves the development of technology in every aspect. Nowadays students for any of their academic work used to refer or take key points from internet which has been their primary resource. This is of course a blessing of technology. Instructors have also started following modern technical methods as their teaching criteria like uploading contents of the course in Google drive, checking the assignments through LMS (Learning Management System) and so on. We can observe that many top-ranking universities throughout the world have become successful and are in fact serving as a role model for the best educational strategies through online education.