Text Recognition and Detection of Handwritten Reports Through Image Processing


  • Abhijeet Rai Dadhich
  • Gautam Gupta
  • Avani Agarwal
  • Abhay Mittal
  • Neha Shrotriya


Text Recognition, Neural Network Techniques, OCR


Nowadays, the biggest problem we are facing is text detection from the scene images, handwritten documents, and various other images at different resolutions. To overcome such problems, we are using artificial intelligence tools and techniques which make use of neural networks to detect the text from the images. In this work, we proposed new solutions to this problem by introducing Artificial Neural Network Techniques which have proven best for text recognition from images. Many studies have been done on OCR by making use of different approaches but this technique has been proven as the best one. Implementation of research work is done on various images and handwritten documents on different resolutions and then we came to this conclusion. Using these elements, we are building a highly accurate and tunable text recognizer that can recognize the text with an accuracy of 98%. This review work gives a detailed survey of the Artificial Neural Network Technique in Text Recognition.